Content Downloader documentation

Content Downloader X1 (animated logo)Content Downloader is the web content scraper. The program is universal and allows you to work with any website and get any data you want.

I’m updating Content Downloader for 10 years for russian market.

In 12.2020 i have started making worldwide version of the program.

Note: Content Downloader is developing by SINGLE person. The tool has a lot of interface elements and i need some time and your support to finish the translation of interface and documentation completely. So, please understand.

How to work with the program and where to start learning

1) Add some webpage URLs (you want to scrape data from) to main URLs list (F8);
2) Go to “Content” tab (top-left of main window);
3) Set scrape sections (to tell the program what webpage HTML data you need to collect);
4) Put scrape sections macro to output template to create data structure you need to save;
5) Collect all website URLs you have to scrape data from with special tools and run content scraping.

How to set scrape sections (to get only specified parts of webpages)

How to set scrape sections (to extract single parts of a webpage HTML)

How to set ITERATIVE scrape sections (to extract multiple similar parts of a webpage HTML)

How to scrape images or files

How to scrape (download) images or files in “Content” tab

How to scrape a XML Sitemap

How to scrape a website category with URLs tab (single thread)

How to scrape a website category or categories list with website crawler tool (multi thread)

Scrape tutorials

How to scrape online store goods to CSV table

How to scrape a website with webbrowser control (WBAppCEF)

How to scrape contact details (phone numbers or e-mails) from a website


Scrape URLs from Google search results

Scrape Ebay goods to a CSV table

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