How to scrape a website category or categories list with website crawler tool

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Use the Website crawler tool (ctrl+7) to scan a website and scrape links you need in multi thread mode. This tool will go throught website pages and extract URLs for queue list and result list. Website crawler uses queue links list to go throught these links (will get first link from the list and delete it). Newly founded URLs (passed throught queue filters) will be added to bottom of the queue. Website crawler will stop when the link queue list is empty.

Website crawler/scaner tool

Use result list URL filters to filter unwanted links.

Paste an URL to start URL field and press the start/continue button to run scraping.

Press the stop button to stop website scanning procedure.

After links gathering is complete press “add result to main list” button to add collected URLs to main links list.

Use “clear queue list” and “clear result list” buttons before start website crawler.

If you want to use multiple links as start URLs place them in the queue list by pressing “edit queue list/add links” button then press “start/continue” button.

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