How to scrape contact details (phone numbers or e-mails) from a website

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There is several ways to extract contact details from a website with Content Downloader.

1) Scrape contact details from a list of websites

If you have a list of websites URLs and want to automatically find “contact us” webpage for each website and extract contact details (e-mail or phone number) use [CRAWLER] output template macro.

Contact details scraper




Place [CRAWLER] macro to the output template editor and add some URLs of a company websites to main links list (F8) or scrape URLs from Google search results.

Extract contact details from a website

Run scraping procedure (F5). Wait for all data will be extracted and check the result.

Scrape e-mails from a website

2) Scrape e-mails or phone numbers from a single website

Extract URLs with contact details from a website then use scrape sections to get e-mail or phone frome a webpage.

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