How to scrape online store goods to CSV table

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With Content Downloader you can scrape an online store goods to a CSV table (with columns you need). See the video above to learn basic information.

Scrape goods to CSV table and then import this CSV in admin panel of your online store to fill it with extracted goods.

Online store scraping algorythm

Scrape online store goods to CSV table

1) Open Content Downloader and create new project (Main menu -> File -> Create new project to scrape web data to CSV)

2) Scrape online store goods URLs or add some product links manually by pressing F8

3) Go to “Content” tab and set scrape sections to extract product title, description, price, image URLs, product properties and other data you nedd to extract it from webpage HTML

4) Create CSV columns by pressing ctrl+right mouse click to header field (the header field is marked on screenshot above)

5) Add some macro in output template to process data which was extracted with scrape sections

6) Preview some links in main URLs list (with double click) to make shure that webpage data scraping is correct

7) Run scraping procedure by pressing F5

8) Fait for all online store goods will be extracted, open the log (ctrl+l), make right mouse click to a log list element and select “open CSV in editor” to inspect CSV

Web data scraping

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