How to set iterative scrape sections

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You can use iterative scrape sections to extract all multiple entries from HTML code. For example, scrape all image links, scrape file links to download. Scrape prices, breadcrumbs and other…

First, you have to add (F8) or scrape some product links in main URLs list.

Then select iterative scrape section and press set button (Ctrl+F1)

How to scrape multiple HTML code parts

Then find in HTML code (using webbrowser hover over + F4) where links (or other data) are placed. Define the unique substrings to set the start (select in HTML code and press F1) and set the end (select and press F2).

After that you have to name iterative scrape section as you wish.

Scrape image links

To see all extracted values press this button

How to see al extracted values

Then press done button (ctrl+enter). Now yo’ve set iterative scrape section.

To output scraped data you have to place iterative scrape section macro to output template editor or use the header string menu by pressing Ctrl+Right click to header string.

Output scraped data

To make scrape result preview press this button (Ctrl+F2)

How to make scrape results preview

Also look at iterative scrape sections options (Ctrl+5). With this you can set values separators and add some text to each extracted value.

Iterative scrape sections settings

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